About James Torpey

James Torpey is an undergraduate student working toward his degree in International Business with a minor in Spanish. James loves to travel and would like to pursue a career where he can apply his Spanish speaking skills in the business world. He first became interested in International Business after touring an investment management firm.

While traveling abroad, James interest in International Business increased as he began to notice the disparities in wealth between the United States and the countries he was visiting. He wanted to learn about the factors influencing the economic disparities and potential solutions to improve them.

James Torpey recently completed a project for an International Finance class where he compared historical data of interest and inflation rates in Mexico to those in the United States. His goal was to project the value of the Peso compared to the dollar based upon historical data. His favorite class has involved investments, which provided him with a strong understanding of portfolio management and stock valuation.
Through this educational process, James began to understand the interconnectedness of each country’s economy and how business practices in in other parts of the world can provide insight into the understanding of domestic business, and vis versa.
James wants to learn as much as possible about the American markets before transitioning to a more international focus where he could interact with countries in Latin America, Mexico and Spain primarily.

After graduation, James Torpey is hoping to apply his interest in International Business in a practical way. He is looking for an opportunity that allows him to learn about business and expand his knowledge base over the years to come.